RE Shoring Wall 2017 shoring design software

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RE Shoring Wall 2017
Shoring Suite V8
LatPilePro 4.5
TBWall (Tieback Wall)
DeepXCav 2016
Frew 19.3
Cantilevered Walls
Supported Walls
No Limit to Number of Supports
Continuous Walls
Discrete Element Walls
Provides Tieback Anchor Design Information
Can Model Braces as Springs
Uses Fixed Earth Method
Uses Free Earth Method
Option to Use Fixed or Free Earth Method
Calculates Axial Capacity
Multiple Options for Calculating Axial Capacity
Supports Both LRFD and ASD Methods
Loads Entered as Pressures
Can Factor Each Load Separately for LRFD Design
Calculates Soil Pressures
Calculates Heave
Calculates Surcharge
Allows Input of Vertical Loads
Includes a W, HP and Sheetpile Database
Option to Perform a Code Compliance Check
Includes Multiple Construction Codes to Select From
Designs Wood Lagging Per the NDS Code
Includes an NDS Lagging Woods Database

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RE Shoring WallRestrained Earth LLC (USA)
Shoring SuiteCivilTech (USA)
LatPileProDeveloped by Tsoft (Beirut, Lebanon), Distributed by GEMSoft (USA)
TBWallSoilStructure (USA)
DeepXCavDeepExcavation LLC (USA)