RE Shoring Wall 2017 shoring design software

Lagging Design

The Lagging Design form is tailored to soldier pile lagging, and includes a comprehensive database of woods commmon to North America. It uses the National Design for Wood (NDS) Code to determine allowable wood stress values, adjustment factors and stress limits. The stress calculations used are tailored to lagging design.

Lagging Design Key Features:

  • Based on National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS) Specifications
  • Built-in Database of Commonly Selected Woods
  • Stress Formulas are Tailored to Lagging Design
  • Adjustment Factors Not Relevant for Lagging Design Excluded
  • Results Summary
  • Comprehensive Lagging Report

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Lagging Design tab

Lagging Design tab (click image to zoom)

Results tab

Results tab (click image to zoom)

Lagging Report

The Lagging Report includes the code required information (project information), the design Code and version used for the calculations, table design values, adjustment factors, formulas, assumptions, and adjusted design values. This report is generated for each run. The Lagging Report includes the following sections:

  • Project Information
  • Lumber Section Properties
  • Species / Grade
  • Bending
  • Shear
  • Bearing
  • Loading
Lagging Report Page 1

Lagging Report Page 1

Lagging Report Page 2

Lagging Report Page 2