RE Shoring Wall 2017 shoring design software

Lateral Soil Pressure Analysis

The Lateral Soil Pressure Analysis form calculates the horizontal pressures on earth retaining structures. When a geotechnical report is not available, the Lateral Soil Pressure Analysis module may be used to calculate the Active (Ka), At-Rest (Ko) and Passive (Kp) soil coefficients and pressures using your choice of methods.

Pressure Coefficient Calculation Methods:

  • Active (Ka): COULOMB, RANKINE

Lateral Soil Pressure Analysis Key Features:

  • Choice of Pressure Coefficient Calculation Methods
  • User has Full Control of Variables
  • NAVFAC Delta Table Provided
  • Results Summary
  • Comprehensive Soil Pressure Report

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Soil Parameters tab

Soil Parameters tab (click image to zoom)

Results tab

Results tab (click image to zoom)

Soil Pressure Report

The Soil Pressure Report includes project information, all input values, formula references, lateral soil pressures and coefficients. This report is generated for each run.

The Soil Pressure Report includes the following sections:

  • Project Information
  • Soil / Wall Input Parameters
  • Soil Pressure Coefficient Calculation Methods
  • Soil Pressure Coefficients
  • Soil Pressures
Soil Pressure Report Page 1

Soil Pressure Report Page 1